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Style endures.

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About Us

Marco GmbH is a fashion service provider that focuses on trends, innovations and the future of fashion retail.

Marco GmbH's business model is based on offering complete support to our customers. This is centred around the development, production, control and logistics of various collections.
We are experts in our field with a team of outstanding specialists – from the designer to the clothing technician to the buyer, including logistics specialists.
The employees of Marco GmbH come from the most diverse areas of the fashion world, be it ready-to-wear, sportswear, functional wear or streetwear.
We combine years of experience with the ability to feel the pulse of the times, so that we deliver the best for the customer in a market-oriented and efficient manner.

by Nelson Mandela


We're in love with fashion. For us, fashion is more than just a commodity.
Due to our know-how and our broad-based expertise, we can optimally and individually adapt to our customers. We see ourselves as a service provider that helps our clients to achieve their goals.

We work with a global selection of partners. And we pay attention to environmentally friendly production and fair working conditions. Increasing sustainability, fairness and respect in the entire production process of our collections is our goal.

We are also always looking for innovations in technology and materials so that we can become even more environmentally friendly.
A keen sense of responsibility in dealing with social and ecological standards is a vital part of the Marco GmbH mission statement.








Marco GmbH serves all product groups: women's, men's and children's clothing alongside sports and outdoor clothing. We also offer accessories such as bags, caps, towels, belts and shoes.
Our services are individually tailored to the client.

The complete package includes everything from the actual design and sourcing of materials to delivery to the warehouse. If required, we can arrange for deliveries to be lotted and/or prepared for further dispatch via the logistics centres of the online senders.

Our company can also boast a market-orientated mindset, fast implementation of collection requests and good value for money. Our global network creates profitable synergies at all stages of production.



Our customers are the leading textile online retailers as well as selected retailers.
The development of in-house brands for our clients is what sets us apart and is our USP. Please contact us for more information.



At Marco GmbH, we respect human rights. This applies to all parts of our value chain, from our behaviour as an employer to our cooperation with our suppliers.

This includes ensuring a healthy and safe working environment for all employees and increasing transparency in our supply chain.